Have scalp tenderness on right side along with ptosis of r eyelid, frequent headache which are worse behind and around right eye. Also pupils diff size?

Go to Doctor or ER. You need an evaluation to find out why the Right eyelid is drooping and the pupils are constricted. You might have Horner's syndrome which can be caused from multiple conditions including CVA, tumors etc. Get evaluated today!
Horner's Syndrome. Horner's Syndrome is caused by a disruption of the feedback loop in the autonomic nervous system that controls the eye's response to light and touch. The result is a small pupil, drooping upper lid, and sometimes loss of sweat on the same side of face or body. There are many causes, most not serious but it can result from certain tumors so you need to see a doctor and determine the etiology.
? Horner's syndrome. Horner's syndrome arises when a group of nerves called the sympathetic trunk are damaged. Yours appears to be acquired and can be benign or the result of something more serious such as a tumor in the upper chest, neck or thyroid. You need to see a neurologist for appropriate testing and diagnosis. Good wishes:)