My braces have been off for 2 years but my retainer broke and it's been 4wks without it and my teeth hurt. I had to make new impressions is this bad?

It's good. that you didn't delay any longer getting it looked at. If orthodontic relapse goes too far it requires additional sometimes significant orthodontic treatment. Assuming your teeth haven't moved too much, it should be fixable.
2 separate problems. In fact, you have 2 separate problems and they need to be addressed separately. 1. If the toothache is caused by an infection or tooth decay, it won't go away on its own and visit to a dentist is warranted. 2. Broken retainer, you will have to see an orthodontist to have a new retainer made.
Sore teeth. Retainers only work if they are worn as directed. If you lost/broke retainers, the sooner they are replaced the less destabilization you will experience. Your teeth should not be sore unless you have developed a pernicious habit such as grinding or clenching, or soreness can be due to tooth and/or gum infection. Bottom line, the sooner you seek professional help the better.