How long does it take to heal and recover completely after the metal plate is removed from 5th metacarpal bone? After I recover I want to do is: 1. Karate 2. Knuckle Push Ups 3. Hand Grip Exercises

It varies. You can start "hand grip exercises" as soon as ordinary activities are comfortable. Ideally these should be part of a general physical therapy recovery program Knuckle push ups and karate can subject your hand to extreme (and, in the case of karate, unpredictable) forces. You must get clearance from your ortho doc or physical therapist before resuming these activities.
It depends! We don't know the extent of the injury (how much damage was done) and how hard it was to fix. The person who can best answer your question is the doc who fixed it. Please follow his advice, because your ortho doc is the second one most hopeful that you will recover well-- you are the first most hopeful one! Your doc wants you to have the best result possible, so do what he/she says exactly!

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Even after completely recovering from Boxer's Fracture, Is it risky to do knuckle push ups, punching sandbags etc. While having metal plate placed on your 5th metacarpal bone?

Not really. if you healed completely,they will be no restrictions on your boxing,or any activity associated with it. the metal plate is permanent,unless it start causing any problem,but it will not be a reason to restricted your activities. Read more...