How can a tooth ache be cured with a home rememedy?

It's not... A cure for the toothache will usually require treatment that cannot be completed with a simple home remedy. Sometimes tooth pain can be intermittent, however, so don't let it go without investigation and it will likely return. Heed the warning signs that your body is giving you and be evaluated by your dentist. Early treatment has many advantages.
No real home cure.. .. Only some relief for a day or two until you can get to see a dentist. Have you tried otc pain meds, or a temporary dental sedative filling from your pharmacy? If the toothache is being caused by a non-vital tooth and/or an infection, time is of the essence. You need to see a dentist asap to avoid major problems feel better soon.
It isn't. Toothache means a deep infection of the tooth. There's no otc that will cure the infection. You must see a dentist. The alternative is to wait longer, and watch the pain and swelling escalate as the infection spreads.