28wks pregnant. Found out at ob appt today baby is footling breech. Ob wants to monitor cervix fortnightly. Is this dangerous? Scared of cord prolapse?

OK to monitor. Though I wouldn't be so concerned about your cervix unless it were open or if there were concern about preterm labor, it is reasonable to regularly see your obstetrician for prenatal care. Ultrasounds to evaluate your baby's position and switch from breech to cephalic are important and just b/c it's breech now doesn't mean it'll be breech later. See your doctor ASAP if you have pain/discharge.

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29wks pregnant and have an inert fear that bubs cord will prolapse/get stuck and I wont know. She is footling breech and anterior placenta? Scared : (

Bag of water. Cord prolapse is a known complication of a footling breech presentation but the bag of water must be broken for this to happen. You could ask your doctor if there is any reason to suspect that you would be at risk for preterm labor or preterm rupture of membranes. Many babies are breech at 29 weeks with only a tiny percent staying that way at term. Read more...