How to get rid of chicken skin in my underarm?

Wrinkled Arm Skin? Without a photo my guess would be ThermiTight RF treatments, in 3 sessions at cost of $5, 000 total..
Fish or fish oil. The most common cause of "chicken skin" is a deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids found by eating fish- esp. Fish from cold waters like wild salmon or sardines. You could also take a fish or krill oil supplement. Flaxseed oil may help as well but many need fish oil. Sometimes this can also be related to zinc deficiency so consider zinc, or even better, a multivitamin that has zinc.

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How could I get rid of dark underarm and chicken skin? Any home remedies? Thanks!

Pigmentation. Some persons are born with darkly pigmented skin especially on the creases - underarm, elbow crease, groins. Chicken skin maybe caused by plucked hair. I suggest you consult a dermatologist for help.
No home remedies.? Have you lost weight, surgery to tighten skin on the arms leaves significant scars.