My 2.8 yrold has runny nose- and a cough at night-- no fever-- 2 days in. He's had tons of colds -this time his nasal discharge is thicker and yellow?

Sounds like . Postnasal drainage causing the coughing spells . Need antihistamine to take care of the colds which eventually takes care of the cough. Change in color of colds does not indicate bacterial infection , virus ,allergies can do the same. Watchful waiting and supportive treatment at this time since he is not running fever. See Peds if condition worsened.

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Muffled hearing in one ear, yellow nasal discharge, but no nasal congestion or fever. Help?

Could be fluid. It could be fluid in your ear combined with a sinusitis. When the nose is congested it can affect the tube that runs from the back of your nose to your ear leading to the formation of fluid. Your primary care doctor should be able to make this diagnosis and often a course of antibiotics can be helpful. An ENT doctor can also take a look and make the diagnosis for you. Read more...

Is my yellow nasal discharges reli needs anitbiotics? Any option? . I don't feel sick xcept of runny nose and a cough

Other option. Get a neil med sinus rinse bottle at your pharmacy with a box of saline packets and use as directed to wash the infection out off your sinuses. You may be surprised at how much gunk one person's head can hold. If you are dizzy and have vertigo, your doctor may have given you the antibiotic for an inner ear infection. If that is the case , use the rinse and. The prescription. Read more...