My hair is having trouble growing up I have tried vitamins like biotin, fish oil, and other vitamins but it still not working.?

Growth cycles. Hair grows in cycles, anagen, catagen & telogen. Check out for more info. Then go see your Family Doc for complete evaluation as some medical conditions, esp thyroid disorders, can throw off hair growth. Stress can lead to hair loss months later as hair cycles synchronize. Need to review all medications. Also nutrition.
ALOPECIA. Alopecia or hair loss may be multifaceted . You need full Exam &lab work up especially Vit d/Thyroid studies /TESTOSTERONE/ b12 and folate. If they are normal start high dose Biotin zinc B12 and folic acid.. Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia may be helpful. If there is no improvement consult dermatology for biopsy to rule out auto-immune ALOPECIA AERATA.. Also I recommend a GF diet. WHOLEAPPROACH.COM.