With oral allergy syndrome, does the fruit, vegetable or nut come up positive in skin testing?

Yes. Severe fruit reactions can occur with the presence of IgE antibody to particular proteins, such as lipid transfer proteins or storage proteins, that may be more stable and/or to which sensitization may have occurred through the gastrointestinal route (food allergy). This is in contrast to the milder OAS symptoms due to reactions to less stable allergens such as profilin. Skin reacts to pollen too.

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Should I be worried about the kinds of fruits and vegetables I eat because I have hay fever, oral allergy syndrome, and cholinergic urticaria?

Easy does it. Hay fever And cholinergic urticaria aren't about food. Your oral allergy syndrome is a minor nuisance. If a particular food sets it off, avoid it but unnecessary restrictions will complicate your life and make it hard to be a good guest. Read more...

I have oral allergy syndrome. Is there any advice on how to eat healthier when I cannoy eat any fresh fruit and most veg? Thanks

Yes. No one is allergic to all vegetables and fruits and thus you should be able to find something you can eat. Oral allergy syndrome is mainly a nuisance and does not lead to throat swelling or anaphylaxis. You may try taking an antihistamine about 1-2 hrs prior to eating the offending fruit or veggi and see it this helps. If not , staying away from them would be only logical. Read more...