I'm allergic to bee stings. I got stung on my foot. My breathing is fine. But my toe is swelling and I've taken 3 benedryl today. What else can I do?

Allergy to bee sting. You need to use epipen (epinephrine) & you must carry them with you all the time. Speak with your Doctor. Good luck .
Ice, elevate. Not consistent with allergic reaction. You are not likely allergic to this type of insect, whatever it was (and not a situation where you would want to use an epi-pen). If you have an insect allergy, it is important to know signs of a systemic allergic reaction (whole-body hives, face/lip/tongue swelling, wheezing/short of breath, nausea, urge to defecate, dizziness etc). See Allergist.