Pain 4/10 in lower abdomen, left & right sides. Pain 7/10 left lower abdomen when peeing. Feel like pee, but not urgent, sometimes. Kidney stones? UTI

Only way to know. is with urinalysis. It could be something else, too. You should get to a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Cystitis vs Stones. The lower abdominal pains you are experiencing along with the intermittent need to urinate without urgency are more consistent with the movement/passage of kidney stones especially if the pain increases with voiding urine. You should see your physician to get relief.
Yes. Sounds a lot like kidney stones and needs urgent evaluation. An associated infection can be serious. If no infection, stone evaluation needed to determine if surgery is necessary or if medications adequate to accelerate passage. Good luck!
See doctor. and have an exam and a urinalysis to get the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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