Injured foot 2 weeks ago, x-rays showed no fracture doctor said bone bruising. Swelling and pain still present with rest? Should I go back to doctors?

Ankle CT. ankel joint X-ray might miss a small fracture. CT scan is much better to detect fractures. Injury to ligaments can cause pain for few weeks. I would go check if pain is not improving.

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Right side of foot hurts from ill fitting shoes. Hurts to walk, no bruise or swelling. Doctor said x rays look fine no fracture. Should I get an mri?

To find what...... The most important item not included in your query is the time frame. How along ago did the ill fitting shoes start the condition. What have you done since. I would think the wearing a great pair of shoe should turn the problem around. I f you suspect a stress fracture, then stay off your foot a while and see if the pain reduces. I would hold off on the MRI and give the tincture of time a chance. Read more...