What can make stretch marks invisible.?

STRETCH MARKS. There is nothing that can make stretch marks invisible. Sorry.
Skin removal. Stretch marks are areas of damage deep in the skin and can only be removed by removing the skin they are in (as in a "tummy tuck"). The noninvasive treatments advertised have very little value for most patients.
Nothing!! If there was a treatment that did that there would be drive-through stretch mark removal centers on every street corner! color correction ( spray tanning, medical tattooing) can make them less obvious.
Red stretch marks. I agree with dr. Litt that nothing will make them invisible. If you have red stretch marks from recent weight gain/loss (like pregnancy) then be patient as most stretch marks fade with time. Some excessively large stretch marks can be removed surgically but this trades one scar (the stretch mark) for another that is hopefully thinner. Not usually recommended for most sms.
Surgery. The only way to remove stretch marks is to excise them surgically.
Turning off the . Lights or covering them with clothing. There are cosmetics that can make them less apparent. The most common problem striae, ie those of the abdomen, can often be markedly reduced in amount and the remainder effaced by abdominoplasty.
Magic/stretch marks? Hocus Pocus does not really work nor does anything. Sorry.
Nothing really. Methods to reduce the appearance depending on depth and color are available such as collagen induction therapy (needling) with retinoids are the use of laser targeted towards redness have been employed. Excision is really the only reliable technique but it is invasive.