In trigeminal neuralgia, is the pain throbbing/stabbing on the face, or more like constant tension on the cheek, behind the ear and jawline?

Paroxysmal in face. Typical trigeminal neuralgia pain is characterized by paroxysmal or sudden brief attacks of pain: throbbing, stabbing or electric confined to the face. Pain may be triggered by touch. Not behind the ear or constant tension.

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Trigeminal neuralgia. I get a shock-like pain behind my ear in the divot by jawline. Scalp sensitivity also comes and goes. Get this looked at?

Yes, an exam. By a physician would better serve you since a diagnosis based on good physical exam will lead to faster resolution of your problem. This maybe temporomandibular joint dysfunction, could be lesser occipital nerve irritation and trigeminal neuralgia seems less likely since it would involve mostly your face not behind the ear. Read more...