I had my root canal treatment on front tooth last april 7, 2015 but not yet put crown. To my surprise, it feels sensitivity to cold now and cant use to bite because it pains. Is it normal? What should I do?

It is not normal. After a root canal the tooth should not be sensitive to hot or cold, but it's not unusual for your tooth to be sensitive to biting. If this persists after a few weeks you should contact your dentist.
Call dentist. Have the dentist do a clinical examination in addition to taking an x-ray. Hopefully, the tooth is not fractured. Perhaps, it is referred pain from an adjacent tooth. Many times. if the access is small enough, anterior teeth can get away with a small restoration rather than a crown. Discuss with your dentist.
No. It is not expected to have cold sensitivity because cold sensitivity is a sign that the tooth is still alive, and after a root canal a tooth should not have any nerve left and thus will be considered dead. It is possible that the cold sensitivity you are feeling is from one of the teeth next to it or that the root canal was not finished, I recommend going back to your dentist to check it out.
Poss. another tooth. You may have an issue with another tooth right next to the root canaled tooth...we see this quite often. Have the dentist check for you. Easy to discern and treat.
See your dentist. A tooth that has had root canal treatment will not feel temperature such as hot or cold. If you are still unable to bite on the tooth, that is also problematic. I would advise you to return to your dentist to be evaluated and you might need to see an Endodontist for further evaluation of your symptoms.

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I just had root canal treatment this april 7, 2015 but not yet put crown on it. Now, mu tooth feel sensitivity to cold and sensitivity goes on root?

Root canal. If you had a root canal completed, then the nerve inside the root that allows you to feel temperature changes has been removed and it's unlikely the sensitivity to cold is coming from the same tooth. However, the root canal treated tooth can be sensitive to pressure or biting or be sore. Read more...

I had root canal treatment on my front tooth last april 7, 2015. and now nearly one month and sensitive to cold. The sensitivity goes on the root of tooth and can not use to bite food because its painful. Is it normal? Thanks

See your dentist. It is not normal to have thermal sensitivity on a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy. There may be something else amiss. Read more...
Visit an Endodontist. Endodontists are dentists who have at least 2-3 years of advanced training in root canals. They are experts at diagnosing tooth pain and use advanced special equipment to treat patients efficiently and comfortably. Read more...