Can brachial neuritis cause tremors in the upper body and tingling in the hands? What's the cause? Had a neg brain, neck, and back MRI.

Response. Brachial neuritis causes fairly intense pain, and would be unlikely to cause tremors, but hyperthyroidism, some medications, recreational drugs, and heredofamilial essential tremors might be far better explanations. See a local neurologist.
Neurology consult. brachial neuritis should not cause tremors in your upper body; however, may affect your hands. Call your neurologist for a definitive diagnosis.

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I've been having tremor in my upper body and tingling in hands and feet. How rare is a spinal tumor? Had neg brain MRI and cts last year.

Very low:) With negative brain MRI, you should feel relaxed to have ruled out serious conditions like MS or any brain pathology. Most likely cause of your upper body tingling would likely be nerve compression in upper spine, which would require physical therapy. To confirm diagnosis, have your doctor order a spinal MRI. Feel better. Read more...

I had neck injury 2014 pain at time 8/10 now 3-4/10 Brachial neuritis radiculitis. Pinched nerves in neck. MRI done 2015 I relate to injury advise?

See a neurosurgeon. for either injection to decrease inflammation and/or pain, physical therapy, or surgical options to reduce the impingement/entrapment effects or fix the underlying source. Hope this helps and thank you for trusting in HealthTap. Read more...