I got one greenpea size non tender lymph node on neck on the side I have wisdom tooth infectn. Seeing dentist soon. Can this lymph node be related to tooth infection?

Most likely. This is likely a reactive lymph node caused by your bod'y's response to the infection.
Yes. yes if its on the same side and there is an infection around or in the tooth.
Most likely. Treatment of infected tooth should bring down the size and tenderness of the involvement Ed lymph node. You can take OTC anti inflammatory agent ,Ike Ibuprofen in the meantime for relief.
Absolutely. Lymph nodes are filters, designed to remove toxins from your blood stream. The node is reducing the spread of your infection, helping to protect other organ systems. You want to have this treated before the infection overwhelms your body's defenses. Please see an Oral Surgeon ASAP.
Possible. It is possible that an infected wisdom tooth can cause an enlarged gland. See your dentist ASAP. An untreated infection can cause serious problems. Don't wait.