I am 48 and after a uterus ultrasound I have 7 big fibroids inside my uterus, my ovaries are not working very well I am in hormone replacement. My doctor wants me to have surgery to remove my uterus and ovaries, should I keep my cervix? Thanks

Personal Choice. Ultimately, that is a personal choice. However, medically, there are no proven benefits to keeping the cervix. It can be somewhat annoying because you may continue to have some spotting if you keep your cervix and take estrogen.
Who wants surgery? If fibroids become bothersome to a woman and she asks for treatment options, hysterectomy would be one. Irregular periods at age 48 indicate approaching menopause. Fibroids don't grow after menopause. The cervix gives rise to cervical cancer. It is a matter of patient preference, if she wants the cervix removed or not.