I had an EKG and chest x ray 2 days ago, both were normal. I still have chest discomfort and my chest feels bruised/sore (breast bone). Blood clot?

Probably not. Especially at your age. Could be an inflammatory condition called costochondritis. See your doc to be sure and look for other causes. Probably nothing serious. But, see your doc. Good luck.

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I have left breast pain and sternum pain, my breast feels lumpy, been having breast pains since november normal ECG bp, blood chest x ray. What is it?

Breast exam. Have you had a careful breast exam by your md? Other causes of sternal and chest discomfort include inflammation of the joint at the connection of the rib with the sternum(this would be tender to touch), rib cage strain, pinched intercostal nerve(runs between ribs). Any history of injury? Have another exam by your md if the discomfort persists. Read more...

I have chest discomfort in the center of my chest a little on left. Its about 2 inches above the breast bone. It is tender to the touch. Feels kind of like a sore. It lasted all night at work, but now the pain isnt really there even when I touch the area.

Likely muscular. Hello, if you can really pinpoint almost exactly where the pain is located on your chest (i.e. 2 inches above the breast bone), than it is likely rib pain or some sort of muscular chest wall pain. Do you lift weights or work out? I would rest for a few days, take Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen if it comes back again. It does not sound concerning for heart pain. Hope that helps! Read more...