Can a C6 hemangioma in the neck cause tremors, tingling, and burning in the neck, arms, hands, and feet or is this probably not the cause, just something common they pick up in an MRI?

You are correct. The hemangioma is merely a congenital vascular area of no clinical consequence, and the cause of your symptoms is different.
It is an. UNCOMMON but usually a harmless finding! It CERTAINLY will NOT cause symptoms in your legs! You are obviously being evaluated for the symptoms you have so stick with the Medical Professional who ordered the MRI!!!! Good Luck Hope this helps! Dr Z.
Possible. It is possible if the hemangioma is large enough and if it is pressing on the affected areas. All the best.
Maybe. Hemangiomas occur in the spine in 20% of us. The vast, vast are asymptomatic. If it is not pushing on the cord or nerves (which is very unlikely) then there i another cause.