What is the chance of getting an std/hiv from giving a and receiving oral using condoms? As well as being anally penetrated by an unprotected finger, when I have an anal fissure?

Relatively low. As far as oral and anal with a condom on...you should be OK. The fingering..you have to be careful with the anal fissure because if there is an infective agent..it has ready access to your bloodstream (more than if there was no fissure at all). Its certainly more safe than other insertions (penis for example). Just make sure they don't have long fingernails and make sure they wash their hands.

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Risk of std/hiv with giving and receiving oral with condoms, and anal penetration with an unprotected finger, when I have an anal fissure, using the other persons saliva?

Here are some ... Your described scenario of sexual behaviors poses a much higher risk to contract STDs than average monogamous individuals. But, no one can tell you if you may get it or not. Therefore, follow a higher standard of safe sex and do annual tests for STD if engaging in sex with multiple partners through multiple entrances - genital, oral, and anal - especially with "violent" sexual acts leading to... Read more...