What causes RLS?

RLS cause unknown. We do not know the cause of most cases of restless legs syndrome. However, low iron stores can cause it. So can neuropathies (nerve problems), kidney disease, spinal cord injuries. In most cases there is no known cause.
A few things. Genetics is major contributor. Also medical issues and medication. Low iron, low b12, overactive thyroid, low folate (folic acid) and kidney problems. Medications, including antihistamines, antidepressants, stimulants (caffeine/tobacco) and Dopamine antagonists can also cause.

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What causes rls? And y doesn't happen only in my feet until I got sacroillioitis it started in my hands also? Why does it happen only at nite. Awful!

Restless Legs. Rls may be genetic, caused by low iron levels, kidney disease, medications, caffeine, alcohol, and intense exercise. Some people experience daytime symptoms too but typically the symptoms worsen as the day progresses. Read more...

What could cause RLS type urges in both hands & feet (tingling burning extreme urges to move & shake them) as well as painful & sensitive.? Hbp anxity

Same problem . Rls can cause the same disagreeable urge to move anywhere from the neck down. It almost always involves the legs , if other muscles are the presenting symptoms, but not necessarily. It is thought to be caused by a deficiency of Dopamine in the brain. Sometimes this can be corrected with correcting one's iron levels, if they are low. Be careful, iron levels must be measured and followed if taken. Read more...