9 month of increasing daily stomach pain, bleeding diarrhea headaches. In agony. Yellow an orange diarrhea and mucus Dr say still IBS. No meds work.

Gastroenterologist. Your symptoms seem too severe and stubborn to be due to irritable bowel syndrome alone. I recommend that you be evaluated by a gastroenterologist to look for inflammatory intestinal conditions,infection,peptic ulcer,gastritis,hepatitis.
R/O IBS. IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion. IUC/CROHNS DZ/IBD is inflammation usually DX by BX IBS SX can be managed .You need a full exam and blood work. Especially screen for H pylori . Also stool screen x 3 for occult blood /parasite/ &colonoscopy./EGD START A GF DIET . Ie gutbliss.com and Wholeapproach.COM. TX:PROBIOTICS/LEVSIN/BENTYL. CONSIDER FOOD ALLERGY EVALUATION.