I'm borderline polycystic ovary syndrome. I have a lot of chest pain and shortness of breathe. Does this mean I have heart disease already at 20yr old?

Not likely. Alternate diagnoses are to be considered. Definitely worth a visit with your primary care provider in trying to determine the best diagnostic workup.
No. It does not. There are many causes of both chest pain and shortness of breath. Heart disease is only one of them. At your age, heart disease is unlikely but not impossible so basic testing is indicated: an echo, chest x-ray, breathing tests, kidney and thyroid blood tests.

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Laying in bed, BP 129/91 pulse 101. Short of breath, chest pain. Have hypertensive heart disease. Should I take a nitro? Why is pulse so fast? It is usually in 70s. Why does this happen when relaxing?

I'd suggest for u. To go to an urgent care or er to be safe and get checked for irregular heart beat, thyroid condition, coronary artery disease, clot in the lungs etc. God bless u! http://www.M.Webmd.Com/pain-management/guide/whats-causing-my-chest-pain. Read more...
What's up? Something is agitating you. Is it asthma? Are you in pain? (i see you take hydrocodone and amitriptyline) - pain will make your heart beat faster. Are you anxious? Do you wheeze? Do you smoke? I see you had a heart cath - was it normal? If so, nitro will not likely be of any value to you. If you're feeling stressed (we often ruminate lying in bed), it can make you short of breath with fast hr. Read more...