Hi Doc, I need to have a 2nd xray examination for my 2nd job application. Question is, is it okay? Thank you.

Most likely okay. Did you have a Chest Xray for 1st job application ? if so, no need to have repeat Chest Xray. You did not say what the 2nd xray is, but the only xray I am aware would be required for Teachers/medical personnel would be a Chest Xray. If this is another xray, please let me know what it is. It is hard to comment without knowing what xray and for what reason, in order to tell you if it is ok.
I assume. you are talking about a chest X-ray? Perhaps if you inform them you already had one, and send the xray to them, you won't need to have a second. If not, from a radiation exposure standpoint, it is ok to have a second xray if it is necessary.