I have got a abscess on my gum be hide my broke tooth and it is killing me. Can I bust it? I cant afford to go to the dentist cause I am on a budget

Free Dental Care. You can typically get free dental emergency care at dental schools, community clinics, and health centers. Then later look for free and/or reduced-cost dental clinic.
See dentist. Check to see if you have a dental component through Obamacare. Otherwise, contact a local dental school or hospital residency program that always sees new patients, perhaps at a reduced rate. It sounds like the area of the abscess will open up on its own, but you need to seek immediate dental care, either an extraction or root canal based upon what is described.
Certainly. But these kinds of abcesses do not tend to heal on their own. They usually require removal of the broken tooth.
Infection. This can be quite dangerous. You can't afford not to seek care. Contact Social Services or Dental Society for reduced fee clinics. Seek Rx @ a dental school. Find a Dentist and ask for a payment schedule. If u have Obamacare there may be dental benefit. Don't wait, seek immediate treatment.
No DIY dentistry. You'll need to figure out a way to roll those expenses into your budget. Obamacare? You should have some type of coverage. Call your local dental society for further guidance.