How can I get rid of a head ache?

Treatment. Unfortunately, although this is a simple question the answer is not. The key to treatment is an appropriate evaluation, the making of a diagnosis, and the development of a treatment plan for that diagnosis. Most headaches are self limiting and resolve shortly. Persistent headaches requires an evaluation by an appropriately trained provider.
NSAIDs or tylenol (acetaminophen) The cure for headaches is generally nsaids and/or tylenol (acetaminophen). Caffeine along with it often helps. Excedrin is aspirin, tylenol (acetaminophen) and caffeine. If these are new onset headaches. See your doctor. If they are long-standing seeing someone to help manage is good. A headache log can be helpful in this. Here's a link to help get you started: http://www. Headaches. Org/for_professionals/headache_diary.

Related Questions

How can I get rid of a head ache thats been ongoing for two days. Could be a tention head ache but and idea?

Probably migraine. Headaches usually last more than a day are migraines. Average tension headache last 4 hours. To get better result from treatment you need a diagnosis first. See a neurologist. In the mean time take some over the counter pain medicatiion.

How can you get rid of a head ache?

See your doctor. Headaches can be caused by a number of possibilities. These include hormonal fluctuations, dehydration, muscle tension, sinus/allergy issues, infections, migraines, tumors, and a number of other medical issues. Best to see your doctor to narrow the cause. Only when we have a cause can we then get rid of a headache.

I believe I have a tension head ache IV had it for 2 days. It comes and goes as stress increases and decreases. How can I get rid off it?

Get the stress. Under better control! Take time for yourself, sleep well, exercise regularly, meditate, and see a therapist.
Meds & therapy. Probably anxiolytic medication & relaxation therapy & stress reduction if possible.

Since last night I have been having this pulsing pain at the top right on my head. No head ache, but this on and of pulsing. What is this and how can I get rid of it. It kept waking me up last night and has lasted on and off all day today.

? neuralgia. This could be neuralgia which is an irritation/mild inflammation of a superficial scalp nerve which usually resolves without specific treatment except for some TYLENOL (acetaminophen). See your Physician if symptoms worsen or becomes a real throbbing headache.

What is the best way to get rid of a sinus head ache?

Relieve pressure. Sinus headache is caused be pressure buildup within a sinus cavity. Optimal treatment depends on cause. It could include targeting infection, allergy, structural abnormality, or an inflammatory condition (eg polyp growth). Measures to prevent drying out of the lining of the nasal cavity and sinuses help. Remove irritants such as smoke exposure. Review with a knowledgeable physician will help!

How do you get rid of a dull migraine head ache without meds?

Find the cause. If you are properly evaluated looking for the cause of your headache, the proper treatment can be given. See a doctor to find out if the cause is neck problems, sinus infection, migraines, allergy or other caused. Treat the cause and not the pain symptoms and get rid of the problem. This does not sound like a migraine. Perhaps another type, of headache.

Migraine- for a week now I have been having nose bleeds followed by a migraine that I can not get rid of. The head ache I've had before, nose bleed?

See a doctor. Frequent or chronic nosebleeds are a problem. They may be associated with the migraines, as migraines are thought to induced by blood flow issues, but regardless they should be addressed. If you have a migraine doctor, see her/him. If not, see your physician. Either should be able to point you in the right direction for proper diagnosis of the cause of the nose bleeds.