What would cause tingling in the arms, neck, and fingers. Had a normal brain MRI and neck MRI, the neck MRI only showed a straightening of the lordosis and a hemangioma at the C6. What else is left?

Numbness and tinglin. What you may be experiencing is neuropathy. There are many causes for neuropathy that will require further evaluation in addition to the imaging studies that you mention. I would follow up with your doctor to have electrolyte levels, vitamins D and B12 measured. Best of health to you!
Neuropathy. neuropathy.. may need an emg with nerve conduction testing. see your physician.
Start from beginning. The fact that imaging studies do not show any pathology doesn't mean there is none. Your physician should review all symptoms and decide if such studies as a spinal tap to study the spinal fluid and see if there are tell finding of any condition treatable before leaving it at "I don't know what you have ". Waiting several months and seeing what progresses also an option. Talk to your doctor. Best .

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