My ex husband just informed me that he has hepatitis C what are the chances I have it is it spread through blood or could it be spread through sex.

If in doubt get test. Sexual transmission of Hep C can occur but low .Overall incidence of HepC transmission by sex is about 0.07 percent per year with monogamous and heterosexual couples . transmission could happen due to exposure to personal hygiene items as tooth brush, razor etc ....Other factors increased risks : multiple sex partners, history IV drug users, STD and not using condom. When in doubt get tested. .
Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is usually spread through blood contact. Assuming that you haven't shared IV drug needles with him in the past, it is unlikely that you would have contracted it from him. It is extremely rare for it to have been passed through sex. Having said that, you should get checked. It is a simple blood test, and most likely you will be negative. Good luck.