Yesterday and today woke up with a sore throat and barely any voice but can breathe fine through nose. Sinus Infection? Laryngitis?

URI. Upper respiratory tract infections (URI) includes sinusitis & pharyngitis. Can be bacterial or viral. Usually will have fever & mucus colored mucus production. If bacterial, antibiotics help. If viral, symptomatic care helps. Symptoms can also arise from seasonal allergies. Using a nasal steroid and antihistamine (Nasacort/Allegra respectively), gargle with Listerine & warm salt water to help.

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Can laryngitis be treated? About 6 days ago I developed a sinus infection and sore throat. After 2 days those symtpoms vanished, but now have had laryngitis for 4 days. How can I treat this?

Laryngitis. The cure for acute laryngitis is unfortunately as elusive as the cure for common cold. Both respond best to home remedies as medical science has for now nothing better to offer. For laryngitis allow voice rest, hot thick drinks like warm milk or tea with honey, hydration/humidification, let it run its course - should resolve within 2 weeks. Read more...

Do I have a sinus infection? My sinuses are killing expacially on my nose! My nose is stuffed up a lot lately and I have a sore throat and a lot of bo

See below. You likely have an upper respiratory illness but sinusitis requires at least 10-14 days to be considered bacterial (old recs) and per the american infectious disease society, 98% of all sinusitis is viral. Use a "netty pot" or the shower to clear out the mucous in your sinuses and chest and decongestants like sudafed and mucolytics like mucinex (guaifenesin). If any breathing problems, get see at once. Read more...