I have vaginal itching, occasional headaches, no discharge. I am on antibiotics for acne and am taking Flonase. What do I do to get rid of the itching?

Which antibiotic? Which antibiotic? More than one??? Dose? Other meds? Birth control? Probably you will do much better with spironolactone than with any antibiotic. Adult women with acne usually get much better result with the antiandrogen, and seldom have side effects. Also it is safer and less expensive. Not to be used if pregnant or kidney failure. The main thing is to stop antibiotic(s) and tell the DR.
R/O YEAST INFECTION. After a. Course of antibiotics it is not unusual to get a secondary yeast infection. You need to be reexamined and cultured. Then an appropriate treatment can be initiated. While you are waiting for evaluation change to a gluten free diet WholeApproach.com gutbliss.com. Eat lots of yogurt/Keifer and a good probiotic are essential.