Have a foul smell at tooth extraction area after 5 days. No severe pain, maybe minor discomfort that ibuprofen helps. Possible dry socket?

Foul smell. No pain usually means no dry socket. Foul smell may be due to food trapped in socket. Are you following the post-extraction advice from your dentist? If you have concerns, contact the dentist or surgeon. And return for any scheduled post-op visits.
Post extraction. if you had a dry socket you would have severe pain that the ibuprophen would not touch. Are you cleaning or rinsing the area? You may have some food debris in the extractin site. Keep the extraction site as clean as you can. Call the extracting dentist for recommendations if you are concerned.
It's possible. It could also be a bit food caught in the socket. See your dentist if it continues.
See your dentist-OS. Visible bone in the socket, foul smell/irritation and pain are signs and symptoms of dry socket. Your dentist will make a diagnosis and treatment based on your symptoms and a clinical examination.

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1 week since tooth extraction, still severe pain. I'm confident it isn't dry socket, as it isn't the socket that hurts. It's the red area around it?

Extraction. The best time for you to do is all the dentist that did your extraction. They will be able to give you the most appropriate care. This may be an antibiotic for an infection. Read more...
It is possible. Dry socket develops in about 5% of tooth extractions. See your surgeon/dentist for post op evaluation and dry socket treatment. Take care. Read more...