Whats the best at home treatment for a very minor keloid caused from an ear piercing?

Compression. Early keloids can improve with compression. Try searching online for compression earrings. That may help.
None. Keloid is uncontrolled excessive scar tissue formation by applying constant pressure they may shrink. Speak to your doctor.

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Is there an otc cream/treatment that could help a very minor keloid on an ear piercing? Or is my only option to get steroid shots?

Small ear keloid. A small keloid can be very effectively reduced with a dilute injection of appropriate steroid. It would be a first choice, unless a prior injection was unsuccessful. Often, the cause of these keloids can be the metal punch used to create the ear hole, The hole could be ragged, trap skin cells, or scar from poor care. It occurs in all skin types, but creams are not effective. Read more...