I have ulnar nerve neuritis. Should I wear a sling? How should I treat it?

Cushion the elbow. this is usually Trauma to the elbow. Include patient is to make certain no blood pressure. Your physician may have to have you see a neurologist to help clarify where the injury is. Initially after an injury you ice the area and after that heat. Avoid pressure to the elbow, because when you sleep and working keep pressure off of the elbow. Also caution with your elbow when you sit in a chair.

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I have ulnar nerve neuritis and the pain started at the elbow. Is there a chance of it healing on its own? Shld I straighten my arm when sleeping?

Ulnar neuritis. This can heal on its own if you avoid sitting or sleeping too long in the bent elbow position and avoid resting your elbow on the table, etc. Some people are born with a tight tendon at the elbow though, where the nerve passes under, and surgery to lessen the pressure on the nerve is needed for relief. Try elbow brace first to keep arm straight when asleep. Read more...

Whats the difference between a sprain elbow and ulnar nerve neuritis? I got 2 different diagnosis from 2 doctors

Suggestions. Not sure what is meant by elbow "strain", but here are some guidelines: if ulnar nerve trapped at elbow, will have numbness and tingling over digits 4 and 5 in hand, with weakness in spreading fingers apart (EMG test can confirm). Localized elbow problems include bursitis, epicondylitis (medial or lateral), "tennis" elbow, and would cause local pain, swelling, stiffness. Read more...