How effective are interferon alfa-2b injections for treating hepatitis C?

Treating Hep C. There are quite a number of totally oral (pill) regimens for treating Hep C, such that interferon is hardly ever used anymore. Not sure who is trying to give that to you, but you may want to get a second opinion. Interferon can be rough treatment -alot of patients struggle with the side effects. Interferons are good antiviral medicines, but there's alot of alternatives these days for Hep C. See MD.

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How effective are interferon alfacon-1 injections for treating hepatitis C?

Not Very. The interferons are not very effective for treatment hepatitis C. Depending on the type (genotype) of hepatitis C, the cure rate ranges from about 30% to 75% at best. There are now newer medications called Direct Acting Antivirals which are much more effective and have fewer side effects than the interferon medications. Read more...

How effective are interferon alfa-2b injections for treating melanoma?

Moderate. Alfa interferon was introduced to help control metastatic melanoma. The dose however is extremely high and given over a several week period of time. With the introduction of the checkpoint inhibitors such as anti CTLA4 and the PD-1s along with the interleukins there is better control being employed than with the interferons which do help in expressing the tumor protein more effectively. Read more...