What is the easiest way t lse weight?

Dear Easy, The easiest way to diet is not to diet. I am not being simplistic. Look back to your ancestors. They had less food, much more daily physical activity, and less chronic emotional stress. Ask yourself to commit to small changes in the factors you can alter, food intake, exercise, and stress. Do a daily journal. If you are not successful, seek help from a nutritional medical professional.
Losing not easy! In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to make a commitment to a permanent lifestyle change. Most importantly you need to commit to a more active lifestyle. No diet is permanent. Eat 75-85% of your daily calorie needs (and count them). www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ try to lose at a healthy pace of 1-2lbs per week and most importantly keep that exercise level up. Good luck.
Calories/sugars/exer. To say it frankly there is no easy way to loose weight, but following will help 1commit yourself to change your lifestyle 2refrain from simple sugars like sucrose, glucose;fructose and sugar substitutes 3eat healthy, low calories, include fruits, vegetables fish and nuts.Count your calories 4exercise like walking, jogging, dancing, bicycling, treadmill etc to burn some calories routinely 5go slow to goal.