I have a clicking in my ear when chewing.

Jaw clicking? Clicking of one's jaw upon opening and closing is very commonly a sign of TMJ (jaw joint) disorder. It is common in those that grind there teeth at night. It can lead to pain in that area that is can be confused with ear problems. A dental visit will be worthwhile for these patients.
Common. Usually this means the eustachean tube isn't fully closed. You can probably ignore this. If it becomes a major nuisance, an otolaryngologist might be able to help.
See OFP specialist. It is possible that your jaw is slightly displaced, a problem called TMJ . See OFP specialist they are expert in this field.
TMJ disk displaced. Having popping/clicking TMJ noises not necessarily a problem. Many people experience these noises. Without pain or limitation of function the noise itself is not an issue. If you have locking or limited movement, "ear" pain, headaches, morning jaw stiffness/soreness, difficulty chewing, bruxism, previous jaw injuries or other jaw conditions, the problem is more serious. Then see a TMJ specialist.