Had lower left pneumonia March 4. Right lung had some fluid. Ct scan yesterday showed left lung clear. Right small fluid and atelectasis. What now??

Resolving pneumonia. Do you have an incentive spirometer to encourage deep breathing and expansion of the lung? You can buy them online, even from Amazon or a health supplies store/site. Blowing an instrument, singing, blowing up a balloon, and simple deep breathing exercises as well as being more active out of bed will help resolve it.
Breathing exercises. Time now for deep breathing exercises or incentive spirometer for several weeks then recheck with chest X-ray. The atelectasis can occur from poor airflow in the area. .

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March 4 lower left pneumonia. X-ray yesterday white lower left lung still. Ct scan today showed small atelectasis or small fluid lower left. Resolve?

Likely ok. Radiographic resolution of pneumonia is typically slower than (lags behind) clinical resolution. What does the report impression say? . Read more...