What are syptoms of diabetes?

Drinking urinating. Drinking because you are very thirsty, urinating a lot, been hungry and weight loss despite a hugh appetite.
Overall unwell. On top of feeling thirsty and urinating a lot, you may also feel very tired, and have blurry vision. Diabetes is easily diagnosed with simple bloodwork, so if you have the above symptoms, or think you are at risk (have family member with diabetes, or bmi >25), just ask your pcp.
UsuallyNoneforYears. Type i often sudden, type ii dm commonly progresses slowly for decades without symptoms, is missed by docs, though artery disease & other problems also progress more rapidly. Symptoms finally occur: slow unusual feelings & loss of feelings in legs, kidney failure, blindness, combined with sudden loss of blood supply to body (heart attack, stroke, peripheral artery disease); ulcers, gangrene, etc.
Wt. loss, freq urine. The classic symptoms are frequent urination, increased thirst, increased appetite with no weight gain and often weight loss. In addition you can get blurred vision, in women frequent vaginal infections. Slow healing infections etc. It is important to know that many people have no definite symptoms at first so it is important to be checked for diabetes regularly if you are at high risk for it.