A lot of itching back pains, hurts wheni urinate, and soreness or it stings would that be a sigb of uti? How can I prevent UTI in the future?

Urinary Tract. Yes, you may have a uti. Since you are having back pain, it may indicate that the infection has traveled to your kidneys. It is impmortant for you to see a doctor because antibiotics may be necessary to clear the infection and prevent damage to your kidneys.. To prevent uti: drink lots of water, wipe front to back, urinate after sexual intercourse, do not use scented soaps or feminine products.
Possible UTI. Could be a UTI and so you should have your urine checked. Urinating after sex, avoiding constipation and consuming enough fluid are basic principals to reduce the risk of utis.
Seek medical attn. Seek medical attn to rule out a uti, kidney infection or even kidney failure. These need to be treated right away. Do not wait.