What is reactive hypoglycemia? How it is diagnosed? What is the treatment? Can it occurs suddenly? And What are the complications?

Hypoglycemia. low blood glucose in about 4 hours after eating, it is believed to be due to excessive insulin release after a high carbohydrate meal, it may be avoided by limiting sugar intake, eats small snacks, excercise regularly, avoid soft drinks that are rich in glucose or sucrose. it is not well known what causes that, but some people may have a deficiency in the hormone glucagon.
Complicated. Reactive hypoglycemia is a relative term used to describe a situation when a person has hypoglycemia within 4 hours of eating.It is not a diagnosis in itself as there can be many causes that must be then attempted to be diagnosed as to why it is being caused. It only occurs after eating and thus is not really sudden without eating. Hope that helps a little.