I am diabetic. Can I use Nurobion forte regularly two tablet a day or it is of no use.

Depends. Neurobion Forte is a B vitamin complex supplement. If your diet contains sufficient B vitamins and you're body's absorbing them properly, they might be considered "of no use." If you're a strict vegetarian, supplemental vitamin B12 might be "of some use" in preventing B12 deficiency. Diabetics can safely take the recommended doses of B vitamin complex supplements. I hope that info helps.
YouCanButAskYourDoctor. Nerobions forte are combination Vitamins in tablet form.Are used to treat vitamin shortage in the body that may occur due to illness or poor nutrition and many other reason You can take it but ask your doctor if is ok to take and whether you need two tablets or just one.
Check your sugar? Do not use this medication unless prescribed by your doctor after evaluating your blood sugar. Diabetes as a disease requires regular medical care.