My 18 year old boyfriend says he will die is 2 years due to acute asthma... is it possible? He takes drugs everyday in boarding school.

Mgt. Asthma is a treatable illness, and even severe patients can be managed to control their symptoms. Avoiding possible triggers is very important. If he is away from home, I would suggest a HEPA filter portable unit and avoiding smoke exposure. A virtual appt is available online: Code: NCYHPZ.
Not likely. It is rare for someone who is getting good medical care to die of asthma. If his airway function has declined, he needs a specialty consultation and good preventive care. Could he be saying this for another reason? Perhaps he is reconsidering the relationship and would like for you to not count on him to be there in the future. An 18 year old boy is much more than three years behind a 21 year old woman in terms of overall emotional development. He may need time to mature before he can commit to a relationship.

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Could me 18 year old boyfriend die in 2 years because of acute asthma. He is a professional tennis player, lives in boarding school taking drugs there, he was accepted in college, he says wphe will die 100% because his percentage went down from 40 to 13%

Follow Doctor's Advi. With proper medical care these days no dody should die from ashma Tell him to follow his Doctor's advce. Read more...
Sounds like a story. Anyone that is a professional tennis player would not be able to continue at a function of 40% much less 13.They would be hospitalized and likely on life support. The story sounds like fiction to me. I would stay as far away from this guy as you can get.I'm not sure what his game is but it sounds like a scam. Keep your wallet closed and move on to someone else. Read more...