Chapped lips all weekend now have a little blister on bottom lip. It feels nothing like a cold sore. Is it just due to chapped lips? Contagious?

Assume cold sore. It is difficult to assess without an exam, but if it is painfull and you have a history of cold sores, you should avoid contact with other parts of your body, especially your eyes or anyone else until it is resolved. If the blister does not resolve or gets worse within a week, you should see your dentist for an exam.

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How do I know when my cold sore is gone? I get swollen lower lip, no blister or sore. Swab tested HSV1 +ve. Mostly healed, very dry and chapped lips

Chapped lips + HSV1. also called cheilitis is a common, treatable and preventable condition. Stay hydrated, apply lubricant, do not lick your lips and use your nose for breathing. No other treatment is necessary. There no cure for HSV1 infection and often stress is an aggravating factor. Cold sores generally clear up without treatment within 10-14 days. Hope it helps. Read more...