Labrum tear in shoulder, spinal stenosis c6-7 had mri, ct epidurals. No relief. Not sure which area is causing greater pain. Confused and in pain?

Multifactoral. Shoulder and arm pain from the shoulder joint can overlap with pain from the cervical spine. In a simple sense, if you move your arm at the shoulder - like bending your elbow and rotating the arm inside and out, or lifting your hand over your head - and it reproduces your usual pain, then it's probably your shoulder. But it can take careful examination and experience to tell the difference!
Pain where. Does it hurt to move the shoulder? This would suggest the shoulder. Does it hurt to move your neck? Suggests neck. Another possibility is it from something else. It is not clear what type of pain you have. You need to discuss this with your physician and clarify your pain syndrome. May be complex regional pain syndrome - but we do not have enough information to describe your pain.

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Shldr labrum tear spinal stenosis c6-7, mri ekg ct epis. No relief. Which causing gtr pain. Pain shldr blade along spine left arm to ring finger achy?

Cervical nerve . this would suggest irritation of a cervical nerve perhaps C6 or C7. Your neurologic evaluation should help clarify that. Since you're still having pain I would agree you need to have this reevaluated. These kind of symptoms could be for other reasons. Location of the shoulder blade to suggest some other issues as well. Ask your physician to have you see a neurologist. Read more...