How long can I use beclomethasone nasal spray for allergic rhinitis?

As long as needed . Nasal steroids are designed for use daily for people with year round allergies and can be used daily during allergy seasons, if preferred. Studies have shown no significant adverse effects from long term use, other than nasal irritation, dryness , and nosebleeds in some cases. You should see an ENT allergist or general allergist for options if you have severe allergies.

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What brand nasal spray would you recommend for allergic rhinitis?

How you use it key. I agree with dr. Overholt. To minimize adverse effects - nosebleed, stinging, drug in your throat - and maximize drug delivery to nose for best results try this. Shake well. Hold device tip at nostril - don't shove it up your nose. Point straight up - not at either ear. Spray. If dripping out sniff gently - don't snurf. Goal is a fine mist throughout nose not a jet spray to one spot. This works! Read more...

What is the best nasal spray for non-allergic rhinitis?

A couple. First of all nonallergic rhinitis is often resistant to treatment but I know of a few options
Nasal steroid
Nasal steroid plus nasal antihistamine
Nasal antihistamine
Nasal spray containing capsaicin.
This is a trial and error Rx. Good luck. Read more...
Options. Saline nasal spray if not effective could anticholinergic spray OTC steroid spray. Many use OTC decongestant. Read more...

Known to have allergic rhinitis taking mometasone or Rhinocort as nasal spray is better and why?

Both good. Both mometasone and rhinocort are good nasal sprays for allergic rhinitis symptoms. They will both give you relief. They are both aqueous preparations which are thought to be gentle on a dry nose. The only thing different is the potency of the steroid in them, and I believe they are pretty comparable. Read more...

What do you suggest if I use a nasal spray every day. Is there any other way to stop allergic rhinitis?

There are. many ways to combat allergic rhinitis. The staples include allergy shots, medication and avoidance. It is important to consider your overall health status and degree of allergy when coming up with the best option. The advantage of a nasal spray is that powerful medication is delivered directly to the site of immune dysregulation. Thus, you have a potent treatment with mitigation of side effects. Read more...