Is it safe to use 3% hydrogen peroxide and 99% isopropyl alcohol on a wound?

Wound. you can use hydrogen peroxide to cleanse your wound or you can use rubbing alcohol but you may want to use one or the other, not both together .

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Which of these kills microbes faster, 3% hydrogen peroxide or 70% isopropyl alcohol? I am considering them as alternative cleaners around the house.

Killing bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide is useless for the purpose that you describe. It is good for removing blood. Alcohol will kill bacteria. However, a few drops of bleach in a cup of water would do better than the others. Read more...

Should hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol destroy herpes simplex 1?

No. Once you have the virus, it lives in your nerves. Some people rarely or never have outbreaks of sores but nothing at present can destroy it. There are prescription meds your dentist or md can give to reduce frequency of outbreaks & reduce the time the outbreaks last, however. Read more...