Home treatment for coldsores?

Many. Topical use of lavender, tea tree and melissa essential oils can be helpful. Oral use of vitamin c at doses of 2000mg per hour can also help. Decrease the dose if you get loose stools. Applying hydrogen peroxide topically can be useful as well.
L lysine products. Otc meds that contain the Amino Acid l lysine are thought to be helpful. Other products may provide symptomatic relief but do not stop viral replication like the prescription meds accomplish. Personally, no otc product has helped me over the years. My wife believes carmex is helpful and i never argue with my wife. Ggapp.

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What do doctors think is the top OTC or at home treatment for a fever blister "cold sore"?

Lemon balm. Melissa officinalis or lemon balm (cream) has been shown in european studies to help expedite healing of cold sores. May half healing time. Read more...