I have anxiety and the meds are no longer helping 59years old and it is hard to just be I don't drink alcohol or smoke meds used to work. Fine?

Still having probs. Some times and for often unclear reasons, medications for depression seem to stop working and need adjustments. I would want to know if you may also be having side effects to what you are already taking, or side effects to other meds?
Meds dont work. The most common causes for medications to stop working are wrong diagnosis, drug interactions, medication tolerance and poor metabolism of the medications. The brain has incredible adaptive capacity to develop tolerance too many medications by regulating the receptors. Your first step should be a genetic test to see how you metabolize the medication. Assurerx is one company that can do this.
Talk to some one. Are you in therapy? If not, conider it and get yourself evaluated by a psychiatrist as you may nerd just a minor adjustment.