What home remedy can I use for a burn?

Depends on the Burn. First degree burns (skin that is only red and sore) can be treated with cool compresses and oral pain medications. Second degree burns (the outer layer of skin blisters off and leaves a painful, wet surface) and third degree burns (more severe, deeper burns that often are painless) should be treated by a plastic surgeon and not a home remedy due to the likelihood of infection and scarring.
Agree w Dr McIntosh. Low dose Motrin helps limit ongoing damage fr inflammation. Aloe vera has ~15% incidence of allergy. Blisters drained by plastic surgeon. Prevent drying. Full-thicknes("3d degree") are numb except at edges and usually require surgery.
Ice is nice. If it is a first degree burn (red skin only). If you have a larger second degree burn (blisters) or third degree (with charred skin), don't treat that at home but see a doctor to make sure you heal up ok. Poorly treated burns can cause many long term problems.
None . For small burns (2 x 2 inches) can be treated with topical antibiotic ointment. Keep it moist with the ointment. Deep burns, larger burns, burns on face or hands or burns that appear infected or are slow to heal should be examined by your doctor.
What degree. For a very superficial first degree burn any topical antibiotic with nsaids ifuounare not allergic or have GI sensitivity is reasonable care. However if it is any deeper, lack of appropriate care could result in unnecessary unfavorable healing.

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